[for saxophone and wind ensemble]

composed for Gail Levinsky in 2006: 15 minutes

Concerto for Saxophone and Wind Ensemble was written for Gail Levinsky and the S.U. Wind Ensemble, and was completed in the spring of 2006.    In this piece, I sought to explore the one-player-per-part wind ensemble ideal by composing what amounts to chamber music for 35 players.  Each player has an important part, and each player is featured at some point.  This requires great musical  maturity (as well as a certain bravery) from each member of the group.

The first movement, despite is dancey jig rhythm, is rather serious— even diabolical— and is full of complex interactions between the soloist and the ensemble.  The second movement features the percussion section, and is simple, expressive and personal.  The final movement, which is played at breakneck speed, evokes the image of an evil circus band, playing a boisterous and fiercely strange "screamer" march.  What's with those clowns anyway?  Are they meant to be funny or scary?

If you are interested in seeing parts/score, please contact me.

Movement I

Movement II

Movement III